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The 75 meter Clear Channel
About Us: The 3819 group has been meeting on 3819 KHZ since the early 60's. This group is made up of hams from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas. The regular times are 6 and 9 pm Central time. It consists of advanced and extra class HF enthusiast with many years experience. Topic of discussions range from anything to everything. Our sessions are broadcast live over high speed internet from Dallas, Texas compliments of K5AHT Bob and K5WGA Bill, so listeners world wide may enjoy our humor.
Members: Some of our consistent check in's.
  W5VYY John in Lucas, TX
         K0ZPN Commander Bill in Elkhart, KS
         W5KU Dennis in Sealy, TX
         KA5X Monty in Lucas, TX
         W5HJ Hank in Okla. City, OK
         K5AHT Bob in Plano, TX
          W5VJ Dan in Broken Arrow, OK
         WB5TLB Kim in Belleville, AR
          K5VWQ Mel in Zoe, OK
 W5KWN Jimmy in Skiatook, OK
          WB5KAC Terry in Bedford, TX
           K5AY Bob in Richardson, TX
           KK5XY JJ in Christoval, TX
K5PW Phil in Brady, TX
K5UZL Clyde in Bartlesville, OK
K5KJX Ted in Greenwood, AR
           NU5D Steve in Temple, TX
           K5WGA Bill in Whiteright, TX
           W5RLM Randy in Allen, TX
           KC5HS George in Ft. Worth, TX
           W5PDB Paul in Jet, OK

           W5PP Sam in Denton, TX.
           K5OVT Tom in Tulsa, OK.
           WB5TTY Tony in Temple, TX.
           K5BOI John in Plano, TX.

Our Most Admired List:
       K0ZPN Commander Bill. Our director of homeland security and Kansas lotto coordinator.
       K5AY Bob. Our Director of work ethics.
       W5VJ Dan. Our time keeper and master grasshopper.
       W5VYY John. Our director of 3819 KHz. security.
       K5AHT Bob. Our director of homepage security, and internet broadcasts.
       K5WGA Bill Our Chief Geek.
       W5RLM Randy. Our medical advisor, lotto official, and birthday coordinator.
       WB5KAC Terry. Our medical advisor for second opinions.
       NU5D Steve. Our super tech.
       K5KJX Ted. Our honored counsel of record and mediator.
       KC5HS George. Keeper of  jokes, and supreme bug catcher builder..
       K5OVT Tom. Our respected minister of information on all subjects.

ilent Key Members: Old friends we dearly miss.
  AA5YG- Raymond L. Williams, Cisco, Texas "have I got a
                   deal for you". 1936-1997
  W5BIE- Alvin Latimer, McAlester, Oklahoma. -?
  W0BXI- Jack Allen, Noel, Missouri. -?
  W5CMV- Dale O'Dell, Shreveport, Louisiana. -?
  W0FRK- Lee Repogle, Garnett, Kansas. 1908-?
  W5FUD- Ralph Bradley, Paris, Arkansas. ?           
  W5GZU- Bedford Forrest Gammon, Bonham, Texas 
                   "40 years old and you are what?!".  1904-1977
                                Forest.jpg (11087 bytes)
                          W5GZU Click to enlarge
  W5OWG- Maynard Reavis, Ardmore, Oklahoma. ?
  K5JQH- Steward C. Kennedy, Chickasha, Oklahoma. 1910-?
  K5MYS- Smitty Smith, Ada, Oklahoma. ?
   W5TKM- Clara Neely, Bonham, Texas. 1906-1985
   W5TYG- John Neely, Bonham, Texas. 1906-1979
   W5SL- Art Knott, Lake Texoma, Oklahoma. 1940-?
  W5DPJ- Homer Hooper, Shreveport, Louisiana. 1904-1985
   W5JDZ- Ira L. Bradley in Abilene, Texas "hey Gammon,
                     turn it down" and "that'll be the day!!". 1912-1997
                                w5jdz.jpg (28253 bytes)
                                W5JDZ Click to enlarge.
   W5ZH- William C. Mingus, Lubbock, Texas "see you  
                  fellers, soup's on gotta  go eat supper". 1915-1998
                               W5zh.jpg (32642 bytes)
                            W5ZH Click to enlarge
   W5CNO- Edmund Serur, Tyler, Texas "do think you will ever
              amount to anything" and "paragorically speaking". 1917-1998
                                W5CNO Click to enlarge.
   K5CX- James A. Miles, Antlers, Oklahoma "for the last
              60years I have been chasing the elusive electron". 1924-1998
                                  K5CX.jpg (17895 bytes)
                                    K5CX Click to enlarge
    W5KWN- Jim Welch, Tulsa, OK. "Talley Ho Fellers". 1923-2000.
                                 w5kwn.jpg (34439 bytes)
                                 W5KWN Click to enlarge.
W5CNF- Morris G. Dundee, Tulsa, OK. "Buy low, sell
                    high guys" ha ha. 1915 to 2000.
                                w5cnf.jpg (24426 bytes)
Click to enlarge
K4RIK - Doug Hickman, Plano, TX. "Guess I will always
be a K4 guys" 1942-2000.
  W5MJN - Dean Chambers, Bonham, TX. "Gotta go fellas,
                  Vanna is about to come on". 1915-2001.
                             W5MJN1.jpg (3780 bytes)
                             W5MJN Click to enlarge
   W5IBF - Charlie Skelton, Athens, TX. " Those little slant eyed
                   bastards tried to kill me for 3 years". 1922-2001.
                              Charlie W5IBF.jpg (20452 bytes)
                             W5IBF Click to enlarge.
W5INJ - Terry Cox, Anson, TX. "Its time to identify"..CU.

                                W5INJ Click on pic to enlarge.

K5CFM - Tony Merritt, Oklahoma City, Ok. " Howdy boys""Bug catchers work the best."
                               K5CFM Click on pic to enlarge.

W5RJM - Udell Brown, Bonham, TX. " Unplug me boys, I'm not learning anything" "Wanna hear my mule story."

W5RJM Click on pic to enlarge.

W5XJ - David Smith, Winters, TX. "Tell all of my ham friends that I will be waiting on them." " Its none of your business."

 W5XJ Click on pic to enlarge.

 W5LH Click on pic to enlarge.

W5LH - Bill Brownfield - Buffalo Gap, TX. " Don't try to deal logically with an illogical person."

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