Dennis Alexander

Dennis J. Alexander, Occupation: Professional Engineer, DOB 7/20/44,
 5781 FM 1094, Sealy, TX 77474. I first got my license in about 1958 as
 WA6AEQ from Imperial Beach, CA.

 I have held the following calls: WA6AEQ, W4RNG, W1GKA, W2IKA, K2UA, and
  now W5KU. I enjoy meeting people, building projects (antennas these
  days), building up a DX Contest station that can operate Single OP or
  Multi-single and keep up with the top 10. The chief engineer and
  assistant in building the station is K5GN, Dave McCarty. He uses his own
  call when operating, so say hello to him when you hear
  him on. Usually CW. However, Dave is located on job site in Qatar, A71 territory for next few years. Look for A71EM. I also enjoy rag-chewing with the gang on 3819 kHz.

The station is currently located on 10 acres at 29.815 North, 96.225
 West, in Austin County Texas about 51 miles NW of Houston, and not
  inside any incorporated Township. You can keep those Deed restrictions!
Thanks for dropping by our Homepage and see you in the pile ups.

Drop by 3819 kHz. sometime and say hello. 

73, Dennis
The current Station configuration:

Station #1: 80/15 Meter Station: FT-1000/D + Henry 3KA
Dipole at 135 ft. NE/SW; Dipole at 165Ft. NW/SE,
Receiving beverages NE/NW/SE/SW

15M: 6/6 Stack at 135/90 feet, 5 el. at 40 ft. SE, 5/5 fixed NW.

Station #2: 40/10 Meter Station: FT-1000MP-MkV + Alpha 99CS
40M: 2/2 el. Cal-Av Full Size driven rotatable array at 165/70 (Link to modeling program results for this antenna by WX0B: (http://www.arraysolutions.com/Products/40m%20Yagi%20Ant%20Article.htm);
10M: 7/7/7 el. at 108 ft., 5 el. at 40 ft. SE

Station #3: 160/20 Meter Station: FT-1000MP + Alpha 99CS
160M: 1/2 wave sloping dipole from 165 ft., Receiving Beverages:
20M: 5/5/5 Stack at 135/90/50 feet; 3 el fixed SE at 40; 4/4 Stack at 125/75 fixed NW.

All Antennas are fed with 7/8" 50 ohm hard line, then with RG-214.
Longest run is 500 feet. 

     You can reach me by e-mail at: w5ku@aol.com