Dan was born in 1948. Married, with one grown Daughter and one Poodle Dog. Dan is the owner/operator of a consumer finance company in his town of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (two miles east of the Tulsa city limits). His XYL Linda, a CPA, is licensed as KC5FCF and active on two meters on the drivetimes. Poodle Dog is named Poodle Dog X-ray (Goldie for short), and is the official mascot of the 3819 group. If you listen carefully, sometimes you can hear her delightful whine in the background of Dan's shack. She is quickly taking an interest in the hobby and there's a good chance she'll pass the Codeless Tech test in the coming months. Dan is the net time-keeper as well as the member entrusted with checking the LOTTO numbers against the group tickets. Licensed since 1961, Dan has been active in all phases of the hobby and a 3819 regular for almost twenty years. His other interests include music, vintage radios, and homebrewing.

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