Today is:
Howdy from Broken Arrow Oklahoma. I hang out on 3819 Khz and 1990 Khz in the evenings. 73's from banker Larry K5ZCJ.                                                 Music: Okie From Muskogee

Background:  Born 1937. Raised in Kansas around Chanute and Emporia.
                            Educated at Emporia State University and then joined the US
                            Navy. A career as a radio operator was desired, but color blindness
                            prohibited that, and the Navy sent me to computer school.
                            Three years were spent fighting in Brooklyn and New York City
                            for the Navy. A nighttime job was held with IBM during this time.

                            When returning to Tulsa, employment was found with Zebco.
                            My main accomplishment for them was installing their first
                            computer system.
                            A distinguished 30 year career in banking has followed Zebco.
                            Currently retired operations manager at Arkansas Valley
                            State Bank in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Equipment:  Icom 756 Pro, TL922A, 75 meter delta loop, a Mosley tribander
                          for 10 15 and 20, a 32 element 432 yagi for ATV, and a 22 element
                          2 meter yagi. Have DXCC. Spend most time on 3819 Khz. and 1990 kHz.

Hobbies:  Enjoy motorcycle riding on my Goldwing. Crewing on hot air balloon
                    teams is one of my favorite pastimes. Keeping up with personal
                    computers and the internet is also lots of fun.
                    We love our family pets. Our cat Minnie is a Calico. Our dog
                     Lucy is a Cardigan Welsh Corgie.

Family:  The family consists of my wife of  Linda, 2 sons, 2 daughters, and
                 two grandchildren. Linda's call sign is N5VXJ and my daughter Susan's call
                 is KC5DAC.

Photos: Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

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                  Tower array                     Station                             Family pets