Ham Radio live and recorded from Dallas, Texas since 1999.

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  This webcast of streaming audio on selected frequencies listed below is compliment of Bob Bellar K5AHT,
     Bill/ K5WGA,
Carl/ N4PY , Bill/ K5UY, the 3819Khz. group, the 1990 Khz. group, and Skybeam Texas.
The following is a schedule of frequencies automatically streamed on the internet each day so listeners who traveling,
     or in the hospital can listen on their laptop or desktop computers. Replay is provided for listeners  when there are
     no live  broadcast to listen to or to simply get around world wide time zone problems.                                   
The receiving system is a computer programmed Ten-Tec Pegasus connected to a 190 foot high full wave vertical
    160 meter delta loop located  in North Dallas compliments of
Bellar Communications Co.. The site is unmanned. 
You must have the latest Microsoft Windows Media Player installed on your PC with  your favorite visualization
    (the scope is recommended) in order to listen. Click on the Windows Media Logo below for free download.                  
  Reception reports or schedule suggestions directed to Bob Bellar/K5AHT the 3819kHz
webmaster or
   Bill/K5WGA  are encouraged  and appreciated.
   If you would like to advertise on this site or donate to its upkeep, contact Bob/K5AHT.

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isclaimer: Views represented by amateur radio operators you hear on this site do not necessarily represent
     the views of the webmaster or our sponsors.
Live listening Schedules.    
Recorded for replay 05:15 to 09:30 daily.           

Central U.S. Time

Monday Thru Saturday Schedule
Frequency Plus Net Leaders.

Sunday Schedule

00:00 - 04:00

3688 KHz. West coast Little People's Net

3688 KHz. West coast Little People's Net

04:00 - 05:30

3860 KHz.  Frank/W0AJY and Friends

3860 KHz.  Frank/W0AJY and Friends

05:30 - 06:30

1990 KHz.  David/KD5MEX and Friends

1990 KHz.   David/KD5MEX and Friends

06:30  07:00

3918 KHz. Jeff/K5MV and Friends

3918 KHz. Jeff/K5MVand Friends

07:00 - 08:00

3817 KHz Dan/W5VJ and Friends

3835 KHz. (QCWA Dallas Chapter 41)

07:45   10:00

3840 KHz.  Bill/W5YJB and Friends

3840 KHz.  Bill/W5YJB and Friends


7195 KHz.  Mostly Mobiles

7245 KHz.  ( Swap Net)

12:00 - 17:00

7195 KHz.  Mostly Mobiles

7195 KHz.  Mostly Mobiles

16:00 - 17:00

3947 KHz.  Bob Gill/K5BG and friends

3947 KHz.  Bob Gill/K5BG and friends

17:00  17:30

3835 KHz. Long Wire bunch

3835 KHz. Long Wire bunch

17:30-18:00                            3930KHz.                                       3930 KHz.

18:00 -19:00

3819 KHz. Dan/W5VJ and friends

3819 KHz. Dan/W5VJ and Friends


1990 KHz

3922KHZ Continental traders Swap Net


1990 KHz. David/KD5MEX and friends except Fri. to accommodate  3870 KHz. Swapnet.

3922 KHz.  (Continental traders Swap Net)

21:00- 22:00             3819 kHz. W5VJ and friends                                      3930 KHz.
22:00-00:00             3922KHz.                             3922 KHz.